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Hi, guys. It’s Rob here. So I’m here today to talk to you about how to find your perfect wedding DJ.

Talk about their experience.
There are some DJs that are really good, but they’re just amateurs that work on the weekend at the local club or the local bar, and they might not do it full time. They might be a college student, or they might work in another profession, so it’s always worth checking with them if it’s their full-time job and whether you’re bothered by that or not. You might get some good deals by someone that does it part-time, but do you really want to trade that off against expertise? And that’s the choice that you have to make.

2 Can they make suggestions?
So if you’re really stuck on what to have in terms of music for your wedding day, then it might be really good to go with someone that’s an expert in the field, as they might be able to offer suggestions. Not all DJs offer suggestions or might not have the experience to offer that, but it’s a really good place to start if you’re not sure of what music you want to choose or what song you want playing on the night. So it’s always worth asking if they take suggestions or they can offer suggestions, so you can get the best experience that you can on your wedding night.

3) What type of equipment do they use?
Now this might not be 100% important, but it’s worth considering, because if you’ve got a vision in your mind of laser lights going off and a lit-up dance floor, and they’ve got a 15-pound disco ball from B&M, then you might need to look at what equipment they’ve got first. Just ask them what they’ve got and if they’ve got any images of what their dance floors look like, or even better, if they’ve got any videos to show you. It’s worth checking them out so you can get a good idea of what experience you’ll have before you actually book them.

4) Can they take requests?
So this is a little bit different from our previous point, where they’re offering suggestions. This time, you’re asking them to play a song. So some DJs don’t deviate from set playlists. And we always have that drunken moment in the night where we think, “Oh, that would be a great song to play,” but if they don’t offer that service, then you might be a bit disappointed. So just ask them if they take requests on the night and if it’s going to be a problem.

5) Ask them to visit the venue.
So if you’ve got a few people that you’re looking at, and you’re set on maybe a couple, it might be worth taking them to the venue, or if they’ve already been to the venue, you might not need to go. But it’s worth going to make a visit, because if you’ve got all of this equipment that you envisage is going to be there, and it’s in this little room in the corner, it might not be practical in terms of your vision versus practicality. So again, see if they can visit the venue with you, so you know where things are going to go, and how it’s going to look.

6) Bonus tip: Shop around!
It’s a really good idea to shop around, and obviously, most people do, but don’t go on just price alone. If your gut’s saying go with a certain person, it might just be that that was fate. There’s nothing worse than regret, so go with your gut. I’m sure you’ll pitch the perfect wedding DJ for you.

Okay, guys, so there’s my top tips for finding a great wedding DJ. I hope you have a fantastic day. And if you’re still looking for a wedding videographer, maybe you haven’t found one yet, then please send me a message. We create some lovely wedding videos, and we’d love to help you, too. So send the message, and we can have a chat, and see what we can do for you.

Also, guys, if you are looking to get advice on other elements of your wedding, then please browse around our advice center, as we have lots of videos that I’ve made around everything from creating a wedding speech all the way through to why we think video is better than just photography, as well as how to pick the perfect wedding dress, and lots of other topics. So if you are needing that advice right now, then please browse around our videos. I’ve put a lot of work into them, and hopefully, it will help you have the wedding video of your dreams. So that’s our motto. Okay, guys, well have a great one, and I’ll see you on my next one. Take care.

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