Why you SHOULD choose video over photo.

1) You won’t miss a moment.

We all know that a wedding day is going to be fast paced and very enjoyable and as part of that enjoyment you might not get to see everything that you want and a video is the next best thing. It allows you to relive those moments and see things that you wouldn’t have seen. So for example your partner getting ready. That would be quite a secret time; you wouldn’t get to see that. So being able to relive those memories in full HD colour and sound well it’s just priceless.

You can share the video with people who weren’t able to come.

We all hope that every single person we invite to our big day is going to be able to turn up but unfortunately life’s not always like that as much as we try but havin’ a video is the next best thing because it lets them watch back the day as if they were there themselves. It’s also really nice to share it on social media and for everyone to be involved in kind of viewing the day even if they weren’t there and that is the power of video.

2) Video can do both jobs.

Budgeting for a wedding is probably one of the most important things that couples have to think about and there’s lots of different things you can buy and lots of different services you’ll be considering during this time and you’re gonna have a budget for that. So if a budget is really tight what you can do is, a video can do both jobs. And don’t get me wrong in an ideal world a photographer is a great thing to have but some video companies will actually be able to extract stills from the video as well as having the video itself. So if you’re on a budget then a videographer can be a great investment so it’s worth having a chat with him.

3) Video is more immersive.

One of the greatest benefits of having a wedding video is it is so much more immersive than just photos alone. It allows you to relive those memories in full colour and kind of almost pop back in time no matter how many years ago you were married, you can still view that special day as if it were yesterday.

4) You’ll kick yourself.

Seems like a little bit of a strange title for my last point but I wanna tell you a little story because I think it’s important. We have a great friend of ours called Michelle and she works with us in kind of all aspects of our business. Kind of externally rather than inside of it and she’s give us loads of great advice over the years and as soon as she started working with us she looked at our videos and it all of the sudden occurred to her that she never even thought about it and this was just so alien to me because we love making beautiful videos for people and yet someone who was fantastic in business and such a lovely person just never even thought about having a video for their wedding day and as soon as I mentioned it the regret kinda set in for her and it was quite an emotional conversation that we had and after that conversation I asked her Michelle would you mind if I share your experience and what we’ve just talked about with our customers and she said “Yeah of course Rob it’s fine”.

And this is what she told me, this is what she said when we spoke. – [Rob] “I have such happy memories of my day. I just wish I could play it all back and remember it. If you haven’t chosen to have a wedding video created then my advice is to do it.” And that was exactly what she told me in that conversation and unfortunately now for her it is too late but it isn’t for everyone. A video isn’t for everybody but by giving you all the right information it allows you to make the choice of whether you’d like to have a wedding video or not. And unfortunately for Michelle she can’t make that choice now but hopefully we’ve given you all the tips that you need to be able to make the right decision for you and why we think video is better than photo.