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Hi guys, it’s Rob here. So today I’m going to be covering the good and the bad of a Christmas wedding. 

So it might be a little bit too late to get married at Christmas this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic Christmas wedding. We see more and more these days as most people will get married in the summer, but now a lot more people are getting married at Christmastime, in the autumn and there are reasons for that. So I wanna run through those with you quickly, of why you might want to go for a Christmas wedding. 

So, number one, your family can come together just the once. We know that Christmas is a family time and it’s normally when most people get together and see relatives that they don’t normally see throughout the year. So this is a great time that everyone’ll come together anyway, so why not make it your wedding day? Everyone will be able to see each other, talk and reminisce over the old days and also enjoy your wedding day. 

Number two, there are some amazing decorations you can use. So at Christmastime of course, it’s a magical time and there’s lots of different things you can use for your wedding day that are Christmas related. Some of these decorations are really magical and unique and you wouldn’t be able to use them in the summer months, it just wouldn’t work. So why not add that extra bit of sparkle to your wedding day by giving it a Christmas theme. 

Number three, things can be cheaper. So I’m not referring to Christmas day itself here, I mean you might have to spend a little bit more if you want this on Christmas day, but generally during the winter months and the autumn you’ll find that as most people get married in the summer, you might get to get some good deals, so on things like venues, perhaps wedding videographers and photographers, might do deals later in the year. So whilst I’m not talking about Christmas day or kind of New Years here, it can be a really good time to fetch yourself a bargain, so do some research and see if a wedding video or having any of those things or even enough just to get married in the winter is gonna be better for you. 

There are also some other things to consider, too, which might not be as popular or as favorable for you, 

So first one is: not everyone will be able to make it. And this depends on your own situation here, but you might find that people have made plans well in advance for Christmas, New Years. They might be abroad. And people only have so much holiday a year so it might be something you have to kind of plan, you know, way in advance and the nature of weddings is you do mostly have the time and the privilege to do that. So it’s worth doing some research and seeing, you know, is it going to be possible to do that, are family going to be around? If you don’t want a big wedding and you’ve got maybe five people you wanna invite then that might be fine for you. But it’s worth doing some research into seeing is this gonna be right for me. Am I gonna get the people at my wedding that I want to be there? Or is it just gonna be a big faff and let’s just do it in the summer. So have a chat with them, see what they’re doing and do what’s right for you.

And this is the main one here, you can’t guarantee the weather. Yes, we are in Britain, unfortunately, eh, most of the time we like it really, but we are in Britain and it is gonna rain at some point. If it’s gonna snow you might quite like that, you might get lucky, but just consider that the weather might not be 100%. And if you’re not bothered about it, that’s fine, but you might just get a washout, so just be aware of that when you are booking point to weddings and always have a plan B, if it’s gonna tip it down, that you’re not all gonna get drenched outside. 

Okay guys, that’s my top tips for having a wedding video in the winter or not. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a lovely New Year, and I hope it’s prosperous for you. If you’d like to have a wedding video created, whether it’s in the summer or the winter, I’m always happy to provide advice and help on that. And if you’d like to book a meeting with us, there’s a little button at the bottom of this page you’ll be able to click on and click through and book a meeting if it’s something for you. All right guys, well, merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic New Year. From everyone here at OrFactor.