How to choose the perfect wedding dress

The bride has a big decision to make. What dress does she choose for her big day? Bearing in mind she’s probably thought about this her whole life. And the day has now come to choose this dress. This kind of strive for perfection can create a lot of anxiety during this process and during this time. So we’ve put together our guide to give you the top tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress.


1). Research the styles you like.

There’s nothing wrong with being forearmed with lots of research into all the different dresses that you’d like. They may stem from kind of younger years or it may just be kind of a fresh look at what’s out there. But by researching the different styles of dress, what you can do is go to the bridal shop with an idea in mind. It’ll also stop you from being overwhelmed. So when you enter the shop for the first time, you’re not looking at every single dress out there. But you’re looking at kind of the select few that you know that you’re after. And by doing this it can avoid the overwhelm that can often happen when you go into that shop. So make sure you do your research first.


2). Be open to different shapes.

During the dress choosing process, it can be really easy to say I really want this type of dress or this shape of dress or this dress in its entirety. And I’m unable to move from this kind of sticky standpoint. But honestly being open-minded during this process is invaluable because ultimately you don’t know what it’s going to look like until you try it on. At first glance a certain dress you might not be too keen on but actually when you try it on, you might just feel like a million dollars. So making sure you stay open minded is absolutely invaluable.


3). Limit who you take with you.

Whilst it’s really tempting to invite the whole bridal party to choosing your perfect dress, it can be a little counterintuitive. As everyone has different styles, different ideas. And this can be really conflicting and affect your decision-making. Ultimately it’s you that has to decide on your perfect dress. So taking maybe a few people rather than everybody can really help you choose that perfect dress.


4). Last but not least, be you.

It’s important to just be you. Because the biggest mistake you could ever make is to not be you. You are unique and this is your day. So it’s important that you just be yourself and because tradition states you should wear a certain colour or a certain style of dress, it really doesn’t matter. It’s what you feel comfortable in and what you love and by doing and being just you, you’ll feel fabulous on your big day. Be bold with your choices and I’m sure that you’ll find the perfect dress for you.

I hope that has been helpful for you. And I wish you all the best on choosing the perfect dress for you.

Thank you for watching this video. We hope you enjoyed it. If after this video you’re considering having a wedding video created, then please speak to myself or one of the team and we’ll be more than happy to help you. For now, I wish you all the best on looking for your perfect dress. Thanks