The Top 5 Tips for a Successful Wedding Speech.


1.) Think about the couple.

Of course when it comes to making a speech it’s sometimes a little bit difficult to detach yourself from speaking in front of everyone and bringing it back to basics and actually it’s about the couple here. So what you say and how you portray the speech is gonna be important to them. And also as well as what you are saying. So simple of what you kinda leave out, because they might not appreciate it. So as well as kind of thinking a little bit about what they’d appreciate you to say on the day as well as what they might not you can kind of build up kind of the bare bones of what it is that will make the speech for you. Are there any kind of inside jokes there, do they have a sense of humour as well? It might be nice to include some of these little things as well as leaving out what they might not want you to say. And then once you’ve established that you can then kind of start building on kind of what you’ve got.

2.) Always include some stories.

A wedding speech should ultimately be meaningful and heartfelt too. And by including some stories in your speech can really put that across. There’s nothing like a good story to get people reminiscing about the good old days or having a good laugh as well. And if you feel that you kind of can’t put that story together yourself or you’re struggling for a little bit of perspective, it might be good to ask around and see kind of how other people remember that story or that time in their life, because it’s really nice to get that different perspective even if you are happy with your own and it can really kind of make that really nice speech even better.

3.) Only be funny if you think you can.

There’s a huge amount of pressure on people these days to create a funny wedding speech. And some people manage it and other people just flop. And if you are generally a funny person then you might find this bit really nice and easy but, if you’re not really funny like me, then it might be worth just kind of coming from the heart and making it more meaningful. There’s nothing worse than having kind of an embarrassing speech where no one kind of laughs and there’s a little bit of kind of grasshoppers in the distance, there’s nothing like tumbleweed. So make sure that you either make it meaningful or if you can be funny make sure you pull it off right. So it will avoid being kind of stood there embarrassed.

4.) Try to keep crude jokes to a minimum.

We all know that from time to time there are some speeches that come a little bit too close to comfort in terms of how crude they can be. And kind of, a little bit of crudeness is okay but you need to be thinking about your audience here. And particularly if there are children in the room even though the joke might go over their heads, it might just be a little bit awkward for the people in the room. So keeping crude jokes to a minimum will allow you to not offend anyone, and make it more personal as well. Because there’s nothing quite like keeping it personal. And again with regards to inspiration for your speech it’s important not to kind of veer too far away onto the web because by copying lots of things from different web sites, it might give you good inspiration, but it won’t remain true to you or your experience as a family, so it’s important that you stay true to yourself when you do your speech.

5.) Enjoy yourself.

It’s important to enjoy yourself because if you don’t enjoy yourself you’re gonna be stuck there like a board aren’t you? And you’re gonna look stupid. So it’s important that you enjoy yourself because then your shoulders will drop and you’ll relax. Another tip I find useful as well is by looking towards the back of the room. So just kind of over the heads of the audience. Because it looks like you’re making eye contact with them as you kind of glance around the room but not enough so that it kind of makes your legs go all funny or makes you forget your words. So it’s really really important to enjoy yourself when you do your speech because you only get to do it once, so it’s important you enjoy yourself.

That’s it for my top five tips on creating a successful wedding speech. I hope it’s been helpful for you and I’m wishing you all the best on the big day itself.