Top Tips for Successful Wedding Planning


We all know that planning a wedding is a very exciting time, and there’s lots of things to think about. But with all that thinking and kind of all these things you’ve gotta do, it can be really easy to get a bit stressed out or even let anxiety take over. But never fear. There’s lots of things you can do to help stop this from happening or certainly make them a less of a worry. For here are our top tips for planning a wedding.

1). Think about your budget first

Your budget has to be the first thing that you think about. And the answer to this question will help identify what happens next in the planning process. We all know that weddings are expensive, and that’s no secret. So by setting a budget, you can then work out how much you’d like to spend on each element of the wedding. And it helps to stop you from spiralling out of control, which can really easily happen when you start adding things up. So make sure you’ve got a budget first.

2).  Give yourself enough time.

There’s nothing worst during the planning process than having to rush through it because you haven’t given yourself enough time to think about all the elements carefully. By giving yourself enough time, you’ll be able to research lots of different things. So, for example, different venues, different photographers, different caters, different DJs. By having that privilege of time, you can then decide amongst yourselves, kind of which one is the best to go for. You can analyse different bits or different parts of the wedding. And just relieves that stress element that you’ll have if you leave it to the last minute. It will also give more choice. So you’re more likely to be able to get the people or the things that you want if you plan well in advance. So make sure you give yourself enough time.

3). Don’t be afraid to accept help.

We all know how easy it is to kind of say no to people who want to help us. As we don’t want to feel like we’re going to bother them or we don’t want to take up their time. But honestly, by accepting help you can really relieve a stress element the wedding planning can bring. By accepting help, you can also get different opinions which will help you make decisions. And again, just accepting as much help as you can, will just relieve that stress during your planning process.

4). Nail the guest list.

Once you’ve nailed the guest list, it will help answer lots of other questions that you’ve probably got floating around at the moment. So how big do we need the venue to be? What entertainment should we choose? And also, how many people do we need to cater for? And this all comes back to you as a couple. Some couples love the idea of inviting lots of guests, and some couples like the idea of a really intimate wedding with just a few people. Of course the more people you do invite, the more it’s going to cost you for those things. But this really comes down to what you like as a couple. And it’s important to identify the guest list, which will help you answer lots of other questions, which in turn, will relieve the stress on your planning. Number five, don’t forget each other. It can be really easy through this planning process of the wedding and the venue and all this other stuff. It can be really easy to forget about each other and not spend enough time together. So make sure during this planning process you do take time out for each other. Whether it’s going out on an evening dinner or chilling at home. It takes you away from that planning process to enjoy each other’s company and why you’re getting married in the first place. So make sure you take enough time away so you can relieve that stress. So when you come back to your planning, you’ll be a lot more focused and a lot more clear on what it is that you want to do.

I hope that’s been helpful. And whilst it might not negate all of the stress that you’re going to have. It should certainly go some way to helping you get there. If you haven’t considered having a wedding video during your planning process, then if you’d like to chat with us about having a wedding video done, you’re more than welcome. And we would love to have a chat with you. Whether it’s to do with the planning process or whether it’s to help you with your video. So give us a shout. And we’d love to help you. I hope your planning process is going well. And I wish you all the best with it. Take care.